Santiago Cycling 48 hour guarantee

48 Hour Service Guarantee

Santiago Cycling is a full service bike repair shop located in Tustin of Orange County, California. We can repair or service any bicycle make or model from a minor tune-up to a major overhaul. Our well-trained staff will handle the problem. 

We will complete your service within 48 hours of your drop-off time or you will receive a $20 gift card. This guarantee is based on all necessary parts being available at the time the work order is created.

  • Special order parts, outside of regular weekly orders, may require a surcharge for extra shipping charges. The 48 hour guarantee starts when all parts have arrived at the shop.
  • Factory repairs are not included in the 48 hour service guarantee, such as suspension forks.
  • Warranty repairs will be completed within 48 hours of getting the service approval and receiving all of the necessary parts into the shop.
  • Holidays, when our shop is closed, will add 24 hours to the service guarantee.
Minor Tune-up: $60–$70
Adjust shifting, braking systems and all bearings. Wheel truing. Basic cleaning.
Major Tune-up: $85–$100
Minor tune-up plus a drive train cleaning. All drive train components are removed, cleaned and adjusted.
Drive Train Cleaning: $40
All drive train components are removed, cleaned and adjusted.
Overhaul: $125–$150
Removal of all parts from the frame. All bearings are overhauled with new ball bearings. Parts are cleaned and reinstalled using new bearings.
Flat Tire Fix: $8–$15 (not including electric bikes)
New tubes are installed. Tires are inspected for damage and protrusions. Rim strips are inspected to ensure proper coverage of spokes and spoke holes.
Wheel Truing: $15–$20
Spokes are tensioned. Wheels are centered and adjusted true, both radially and laterally.
Derailleur Adjustment: $15
Cables and limits are adjusted to ensure proper shifting.
Chain Replacement: $10–$15
Size and replace chain. Adjust derailleur.
Brake Adjustment: $7.50–$15
Adjust pads and cables to ensure proper braking
Cable Replacement: $10–$15 per cable
Replace cables and adjust tension to ensure proper braking or shifting.
Hub Adjustment: $10 front, $20 rear
Adjust axle nuts to eliminate play in the wheel.
Hub Overhaul: $15 front, $25 rear
Remove and replace old bearings. Repack loose bearings with new grease.
Bottom Bracket Adjustment: $15
Adjust bottom bracket to eliminate play in crank.
Headset Adjustment: $10
Adjust headset to eliminate play or binding.
Fork Changeover: $30–$40
Fork changeover/install. Does not include cutting.
Wheel Building: $55–$75
Lace spokes, tension and true wheel. Does not include taking apart old wheel.
Bike Fitting: $50–$200
Professional bike fitting available by appointment. Pricing varies depending on the extent of the fit. See our Precision Fit page for more info.
Box a Bike: $75
Box a bike for shipping. Includes box and padding.
Muc-Off Clean, Protect and Lube service: $60
Basic bike cleaning, drive train cleaning, frame protection and ceramic lube using Muc-Off products.
Muc-Off Bike Cleaning: $30
Basic bike cleaning using Muc-Off bike cleaner.

***Prices and details are subject to change or expire without notice. ***Prices do no include parts.