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e-Bikes…Electric Bikes…Pedal-Assist Bikes

Call them what you want, we call them “FUN”! Electric bikes are for anyone that wants to…
Get there faster:
There are many reasons to commute by bike, but sometimes the route is too long for the bicycle to be practical. An e-bike can turn an hour and fifteen minute commute into a 45 minute trip. That’s an extra hour each day you’ll have to do other things.
Go farther and see more:
Plan an all day trip on an e-bike and have enough energy left to do it again the next day. Climb places you might not explore on your regular bike.
Keep up:
Don’t let your age or abilities limit you from riding with the ones you like. Ride like you used to with help from a pedal-assist bike.
Use less natural resources:
These are light weight vehicles in which you provide a portion of the power by pedaling. That means way less energy and emissions than a car. That’s something we can all feel good about.

All Trek and Electra electric bikes come with mid-drive motors for smoother handling and more efficient use of power over hub-drive motor bikes. Check out the best e-bikes in the world before settling for less. Test ride or demo an electric bike today.

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