Why We Love the Trek Emonda ALR 6 Pro

Why We Love the Trek Emonda ALR 6 Pro

We just received our first Trek Emonda ALR 6 Pro. We already had a love affair with the Trek Emonda ALR line of bikes, but this 6 Pro takes it to a whole other level. Here’s why we love it:

The Frame: Trek starts with a new frame material called 300 Alpha Aluminum. They hydroform the tubing to get the perfect combination of stiffness and compliance in all the right areas, traits that used to be reserved for carbon frames.

Then they connect the tubing using their Invisible Weld Technology. The welds are not only stronger and lighter than before, but smooth and beautiful. You’ll have a hard time telling this frame from a carbon frame.

The fork is the same light-weight full carbon fork found on their higher end Emondas. They also include their DuoTrap S compatibility so wireless sensors can be hidden in the frame without the use of unsightly zip-ties.

The Groupo: The bike is spec’d out with Shimano Ultegra, not just the shifters and derailleurs, but the complete group. Compare this to most other manufacturers that use a combination of components to keep down the price, swapping out cranks, brakes, cassettes and chains for cheaper models.

The Wheels: The Vision carbon wheelset is what sets the Emonda ALR 6 Pro apart from the rest of the ALR lineup. These aren’t just a pair of cheap carbon wheels they threw on the bike to make it look cool. These wheels surpassed Trek’s standards in both quality and durability, while most wheels in this category could not even survive Trek’s test lab.

The Ride: If you’ve ever ridden a pair of carbon wheels you know the difference in performance and comfort over aluminum wheels. Combine that with the ride quality of the 300 Alpha Aluminum frame and the snappy, fun Emonda geometry and you have a bike that rides way better than any other bike in it’s price range.

The Value: At $2,499.99, little more (or less) than the price of the most popular carbon wheelsets, you’re getting a full Ultegra bike and a set of quality carbon wheels.

Keith Bontrager had a well-known quote; “strong, light, cheap, pick two”. Now you can have all three with the Emonda ALR 6 Pro … plus performance and fun. Stop in for a test ride today.
March 01, 2017