Muc-Off Your Bike

Muc-Off Your Bike

Rainy season is here and your bike shows it. Grit and grime from damp roads and trails seem to stick in every nook and cranny on your bike. Cleaning your bike seems like such a monumental chore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Cleaning your bike with Muc-Off products takes very little time and effort.

1st: Spray your bike down with a hose. Don’t freak out, the water will not hurt your bike. As a matter of fact, people all across America ride in the rain on a regular basis (just not in Southern California).

2nd: Completely coat your bike with Muc-Off Nano Tech bike cleaner. Nano Tech cleaner comes in a convenient spray bottle that can be refilled later with an economical concentrate.

3rd: Agitate the extra grimy areas with a brush or sponge. Muc-Off has brushes specifically made for getting into hard to reach places.

4th: This is the easiest part, wait 5-minutes. Maybe grab a cup of joe.

5th: Rinse off the whole bike with a hose.

6th: Dry off your bike.

You can also add drivetrain cleaning, lubing and frame protection into this process, but those are topics for another day. Check out this Muc-Off Youtube video for a visual review of their bike cleaning procedure.

If all this still seems like too much effort, bring your bike into Santiago Cycling for the complete Muc-Off Spa Treatment.
January 18, 2017
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