Light Up for Daytime Safety

Light Up for Daytime Safety

Trek has researched extensively the best ways for riders to be noticed. Their conclusion - If you do nothing else, at least use daytime running lights. Daytime running lights make riders 2.4 times more noticeable than no lights at all. 

What makes a good daytime running light?

Focus: Lumens aren’t necessarily the most important indicator of a great light. Take a laser beam for instance. A small pen light with a focused laser beam can be seen in daylight better than a much brighter flood flashlight. Bontrager focuses their beams to take advantage of this technology to make us more visible during daylight hours.

Flash: Flashing lights are definitely more noticeable than a constant beam. And an interruptive flash pattern with varying beam intensities is more noticeable than a steady flash. Bontrager has taken these findings and built a unique flash pattern into all of their daytime running lights.

Range: The sooner a driver notices you, the more time they have to react to you. Bontrager daytime running lights, with their focused beam and unique flash patterns, give cyclists the ability to be seen from as far as two kilometers away. 

Bontrager Ion 800
Ion 800 R - Bontrager’s brightest front running light. Daytime flash lasts 20 hours per charge.
Bontrager Flare R
Flare R - A shop favorite. This rear light has been around for more than a year and quickly became one of the best selling lights in the  world, gaining rave reviews for bicycle safety. Noticeable from 2 kilometers during daytime hours. 
Bontrager Ion 350 R
Ion 350 R - Unbelievably light and bright. This is a great light for those wanting to be seen at a price that is not obscene.
Bontrager Ion 100 R
Ion 100 R - A compact daytime running light that can be tossed in your pants pocket between rides and won’t have your friends asking if you're glad to see them.
Bontrager Flare R City
Flare R City - Add it to your bike or your helmet for extra visibility. A nice companion to the Ion 100 R.
All of these lights are USB rechargeable. Also, the front lights are Blendr Stem compatible making them the perfect fit for your new Trek bicycle.
Santiago Cycling stocks all the new Bontrager daytime running lights. Stop in to see them in person and compare them side-by-side with your current bicycle lights.
September 01, 2016