How Does Your Lock Rate?

How Does Your Lock Rate?

How Does Your Lock Rate?

Would you pay $150 today to get your stolen bike back unharmed? Most of us would answer yes. So why don’t you spend that much up front to keep your bike from getting stolen in the first place? A good lock can save you much grief and money.

Where should you lock your bike? Whenever possible, take your bike inside where it can be more secure. But even then, you should consider locking your bike to something. Garage thefts are up, either through forced entry or by the garage door inadvertently being left open.

If you must lock your bike outdoors, make sure to lock it to a solid bike stand or pole. Keep in mind, the strongest lock won’t matter if your bike is locked to something easily cut or broken. Thieves have been known to chop down small trees to carry off bikes that were once tethered to them.

What lock should you use? Santiago Cycling carries ABUS locks because of the high quality materials and processes used in their manufacturing. ABUS also has an easy to understand rating system that simplifies the process of choosing the right lock.

Ratings 1-5: This is their lowest security level which should only be used as a secondary lock or for inexpensive kids’ bikes. Do not use this lock as your main lock.

Ratings 6-10: This level lock is good for most applications, such as shopping or beach going in populated areas. The extra time it takes to cut or break into this lock deters most thieves. They will usually move on to an easier target.

Ratings 11-15: These are ABUS’ most secure locks. Use these locks in places where your bike will be left in a remote area or overnight. Also consider these locks for more expensive bikes. Use a secondary lock for your front wheel and extra security.

The Bordo folding lock by ABUS is a shop favorite because of it’s high security level and ease in transporting. U-locks and thicker chain locks can also get you to your needed security level.

Still not sure which lock is right for you? Stop into Santiago Cycling. We can show you a wide range of locks and demonstrate their uses. Don’t wait until you become a victim of bicycle theft!
February 01, 2017
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