Gear Up for Your First Slow Ride

Gear Up for Your First Slow Ride

Sunday is our third Slow Ride at Santiago Cycling. For all you newbies, here’s a little primer on what to wear and bring on your first ride.

What to Wear

  • Maybe this should be titled “What Not to Wear”. Don’t wear your spandex kit. No need for lycra shorts with a 100-mile chamois. We won’t be riding long enough or far enough for any serious chaffing to happen. At best, maybe wear some cotton shorts and a little Gold Bond…and a smile.
  • Feel free to express yourself. Wear a costume or a colorful wig. 
  • Protect yourself. Wear a helmet and some bright clothing.

What to Bring

  • Bring a cheerful attitude and a friend. The more, the merrier. Bring some money for food and drink. We’ll be stopping at Wahoos and Linx when we get to the Orange Circle.
  • Oh yeah, and bring a bike. Leave your race bike at home, though. Bring your old clunker cruiser with the 2” wide tires instead. Remember the Slow Ride motto - “The more upright, the less uptight”. 
  • Brighten your ride with some lights. Lets make sure everyone sees us out there on the road.


  • Obey all traffic laws and be nice.
  • Please get to the shop early. There will be waivers to sign and signed waivers make our insurance guy happy.

See you all on Santiago Slow Ride Sunday!


October 18, 2016