Bikes - A Simple Solution

Bikes - A Simple Solution

Bicycles are a simple solution to improving health, congestion and oil dependency.

One of the biggest debates in America right now is about the rising cost of healthcare and health insurance. Little of the discussion is about the rising percentage of obesity among our population, which is now 35% of all Americans.

Bicycle riding can help reduce obesity. The average person will lose 13 pounds in their first year of riding to work. People commuting to work by walking or by riding a bicycle are on average six pounds lighter than the person commuting by car.

Most of our highways and city streets are jammed to their limits with automobiles. Building more roads only seems to add to the problem. Bicycles can help reduce this congestion. Running errands of two mile or less by bike could illuminate about 70% of our car trips.
Also, parking problems virtually disappear when traveling by bike. We can park 20 bicycles in the space it takes to park one car. Instead of paying for valet, park your bicycle right by the front door.

Oil Dependency:
Our obsession with automobiles has created a dependence on oil that has Americans paying nearly $1 billion a day for foreign sourced crude. These are dollars that would be better served at home rather than being shipped overseas. Bicycles are an obvious solution to our oil addiction.

Air quality would improve, as well. A recent study shows that reducing our automobile trips by 14% would cut our carbon emissions by 11%. Less carbon emissions, less smog, better breathing.

What can you do to help?

  • Get on your bike: If your job is five miles or less from where you live, try to commute to work by bicycle one or two times a week. Run short errands of two miles or less by bike.
  • Make cycling safer: Contact your city planners to tell them your concerns about bicycle safety and the need for more bike lanes and bikeways. The safer we feel about cycling, the more of us will ride.

So this May, celebrate National Bike Month by making a commitment more riding. Not just for the fun of it, but for a better America.

April 27, 2017